2016 Summer Filmmaker Internship 

Andrew Ryan Shepherd is looking for one paid film intern. This position is ideal for film students looking for experience in creating branded content, commercials, short documentaries, music videos, and other creative passion projects.

This is a paid, 90 day intensive/internship. Film interns will be a part of the creative process from preproduction, on-set production, and post-production. The intern will have the ability, if comfortable, to fulfill any crew duties in addition to necessary scheduling, office work, and general duties involved in making a film. 


You will have the opportunity to see productions go from concept to proposal, through planning and production, to the final delivery to the client. You will gain experience in all areas of a production.  Some of these include:

  • Research
  • Filming and production co-ordination
  • Location bookings
  • Short listing and basic editing
  • Transcriptions
  • Concept development
  • Scripting
  • Storyboards and illustrations
  • Camera work
  • Editing
  • 2D and 3D motion graphics
  • Color Grading

If you are interested in film production and short film writing, shooting, editing and post production and meet the requirements below fully, please email your resume and a brief cover letter describing your interest to 2016interns@rokksmedia.com. Serious inquiries only please.


  • Experience with: film writing, photography assignments, production and post production
  • Able to work part-time (24 hrs p.wk) in Grapevine, TX for the 90 day period unpaid
  • Deeply passionate about visual media
  • Physically able to keep up with a film crew in challenging outdoor locations
  • Holds a valid US Drivers License and Passport
  • Proven experience editing in Adobe Premiere
  • Experience developing creative concepts for short format motion media
  • Strong understanding of modern social media platforms
  • Mature, professional and able to work independently
  • Currently covered under a health insurance plan
  • Desire to work your ass off and learn a ton
  • Willing to endure harsh conditions in outdoor environments