Bose — Imagine More 

Director's Statement

For decades, Bose has cornered the market on high end, high-definition, and head-fi signal reception devices. Bose has always promised a luxury experience to the home, to the heavy traveler, and to the commuter who cares about luxury sound quality. We can easily imagine the Bose customer in a pristine, mid-century home, or first class on a flight to San Francisco.

What Bose could do, and do with great success,  is tap  into is the modern generation of listeners, the next generation with expenable resources. The Millenial is a self starter who has grown up in the digital age, and unlike her analogue predecessors (and the main consumers of Bose products), the millenial from a very young age has cherished sound quality. They never had to make a mixtape on a cassette from their favorite radio show. They could probably barely even remember when compact discs came out.

Dr. Beats is on this track for sure, but the sound quality is cheap and hides the sound in the bass response. Young people see straight through this, and are looking for more. Even so, more of them are musicians, producers, etc, more than ever before because of the prevalance of technology and software. Many young people are spending money on professional in-ear solutions. This is a gap in the consumer market for Bose.

What They Want

This age group sees clearly through the pre-fabricated, glossy, and tricky sales tactics of luxury brands. At the moment, there seems to be an obvious bridge between the luxury brand, and the gritty, realistic culture of youth.

We want to tap into the values of the millenial, their lifestyle, while offering the same consistent and timeless quality Bose has always promised to its customers. We can only do this by offering a realistic account of what their lives are like, in characters they can relate to, in a gritty, but beautiful way, and in a form that they relate to.


We Don’t Settle

This generation doesn’t settle for a small spectrum of sound. They want to hear the whole world of the song, down to every nuance. This informs not only what they spend their time focusing on, but also equates to their level of perfection in the craft they undertake. By hearing more, we can imagine more, and by imagining more, we shape the future.

We Grew Up With Better

We know that this age group grew up as creators without any bounds. They grew up digital. They built computers. They are used to the best graphics, the best production, and strongest inspiration at their fingers. In this way, their bar for themselves is much higher than previous generations. With greater access to other cultures, styles, and execution of creative work, their starting point supercedes their abilities.

Community Forms Identity; Identity Forms Community

While their value for community increases, their care for their individual craft and artistry is paramount. We will focus on private headphone devices, and bring to attention the value of music and personal choices when articulating personal artistic endeavours.

Music, The Center

With this in mind, we enter in the center of four young persons’ creative struggles, and show the importance of music and a quality listening experience in their crafts, connecting with a generation who is not limited by technology, but embraces the analogue experience of creativity and craft without the distriaction of less than perfect sound experience.


18-25 YO urban youth: the spenders and culture shapers.



The skater is a timeless fixture, at least to those of us who grew up after the 1960’s. With bursts of popularity in the 70’s and early 90’s, skate culture has again become a big part of the youth existence. In many major cities it’s a preferred form of transportation, but the big draw is the community element, a laid back lifestyle, and a heavy competition that’s always characterized by an artistic center, discipline, and craft that brings people together around practice and dialogue.

Guitar Player / Composer

The musician, as timeless as can be, is an obvious choice for Bose. One who cares so deeply about craft and their own personal tone is going to be a stickler for the full spectrum of sound, in discovering and studying their own influences and references. Even so, the musician stands as an icon to bring people together, therefore functioning as a community leader as well as the individual artist. This artistic paradox is one of the reasons we still put musicians on the highest pedestal.

Break Dancer

Breaking is back. But we’re not focusing on the specific artform here, although it’s undoubtedly relevant. Instead we’re focucing on the individual,  craft of the dancer — the hours of practice and solitude, and the way it brings people together. Not only because it’s an awe inducing activity, but because the community experiences awe by the raw talent/skill of the dancer, as well as the awareness of the amount of hours they have poured in with zero audience at all.


The painter is a timeless expression of the artist in isolation, bringing goods to the marketplace. Every generation can relate to this person, but we find a new sort of life in this character in the younger generation, who have grown up touching electronics, and have a new value in hands-on, analogue work.


And this (above)  is the common thread in each character. That they are all completely individual, that they all rely heavily  on their own private discipline, and pour hours into their craft, which ultimately brings people together. The music of the guitar sequence will fuel the energy of the oher artists.



Deliverables will happen in two forms: Long form, 120 second, and a :60 spot. There is possibility of 4 seperate :15 or :30 spots from the production of 4 separate vignettes.


In the long form, we will tap into a quote from Carl Sagan, discussing the significance of our value to each other in the Pale Blue Dot. We will use archival recordings as the VO.

In the short form pieces, we will cut down pieces from Charles Bukowski, Carl Sagan, Etc, highlighting not only the nostalgia of preeminent voices to this generation and the importance of existence, but we will also highlight the personal significance of the work and life of each person, focusing on craft, and the short amount of time we have on this planet.



We will shoot on the Alexa Mini to keep the camera package lightweight, but as high quality as possible. With built in ND’s and a large capability with the Log-C picture space, we will give ample options for color, and look, to achieve the director’s visual goals without a 2 ton grip truck, and we also expedite camera changes. We will also utilize a clip-on mattebox to expedite the process of changing filters and modifying ND’s to deal with our changing existing light conditions.


We will shoot with Kowa, Todd AO, or Hawk anamorphic lenses (depending on availabily) for a soft, realistic, and vintage feeling that connects our audience with the tradition of Bose, but also the future of our youth. Ideally, we would use one focal length and achieve all of our coverage by moving toward and away from subjects. The ideal focal length to live in for all coverage is 50mm on anamorphic, and 32mm on Spherical lenses.

In these lenses we discover a beautiful, soft, cinematic bokeh, the cinemascope aspect ratio that connects so many with classic films, as well as iconic, horizontal flares not found in more perfect modern lenses.

We will supplement these lenses with diopters (for necessary closeups) and Gilmmer Glass to bloom highlights and achieve an organic, soft look that will properly counteract the sharpness of the digital sensor, without sacrificing any quality or resolution.


We will use very minimal lighting in the way of keeping the budget low. We will rely on location scouts and time of day to establish the feeling of our scenes, and will shape the light with minimal modification.

The goal with each of these scenes in coverage is to let them live as big open well lit spaces according to the mood of each sequence, allowing the camera to go wherever it needs to to capture the reality, beauty, and intensity of each practical moment.



The edit will be a fast-paced montage shifting among various visual stories, connecting them each with their value for significance and craft, and showing how Bose, in the light of each varying craft, stands at the center of creativity. That music, craft, and love for creativity is important to the human existence, indispensible, even.

The Bose products will be brought in as small vignettes, but will not be purposed at the forefront of the imagery. We will work in each product placement within the vignette as a natural progression of the creative and personal stories of each of these individuals.

Sound Design

Sound design will prominently play into these piece, as it bridges the gap in the heavily physical exercises to the musical moments each experiences when putting in Bose in-ear headphones. It will also serve to build intensity and keep momentum.

We will also rely on an location sound mixer to buy as many of these practical sound effects as possible for the mix.

The sound design is VERY IMPORTANT, and as the bridge between characters it also provides help with pacing into musical moments that cue with the visual of headphones going into place in each of our characters.

This, I feel, is just as important as the footage.





You didn’t get into this cuz you had to.
You didn’t move somewhere you didn’t know anything about  because someone told you to.
You don’t do it because someone said you’d be nothing without it.

You do it because anything less than perfection was never an option.

For you, there’s no effort without the promise of success.
There’s no reward without discipline.
Your work, your life,  has to take you to the depths of what’s possible.
It has to mean something: what matters?

Your greatest enemy is your knowledge that you could always be better.

This is your imperative: Imagine MORE.
Shape the future.
It’s up to you.



Bose: Shape the Future